Mental Space

Cropping Experiment

I’ve gotten noticeably better at lighting these faces over the past few months.  It’s amazing how much the lighting can completely transform a piece. Looking at my discarded images, there are so many in which the lighting makes the sculpture looks like an ordinary object.  For me the photographs that are most effective are the ones in which there’s a sense of mood and atmosphere, creating depth to the darkness with forms emerging slowly out of the black.

Another very positive development that I’ve recognized recently is that I now have much more mental space for my creative projects.  This is the first semester in years that I’ve only taught at one school. With many aspects my previous life lifted away, I now have a sense of artistic focus that I’ve never experienced before. Oddly enough, I’m actually not very productive these days as my hours in the studio are limited to a measly six hours a week, but my mind is in a really good, concentrated place that I deeply appreciate.

Cropping Experiment

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