Small Increments

Studio View

Today in the studio was better, I think I was having a tough time yesterday because I hadn’t been in the studio for many days and I was having difficulty getting myself in the right place mentally. For me I’m realizing more and more that I achieve more continuity and progress when I’m able to work in consistent, regular increments. I’m not someone who needs long stretches of eight hours to get things done, in fact I do better when it’s 3-4 hours at a time. In other words, it’s better for me to have short sessions five times a week, as opposed to one really long session once a week. If I’m in the studio for too long I feel like I can’t look at my work with fresh eyes, and I need that distance between the days to see things clearly. It’s incredibly similar to my experience with music, better to practice thirty minutes every day than three hours once a week. I have an orchestra concert coming up this weekend, so this has been on my mind all week.

The face I worked on yesterday and the one I started today have started to address extreme compression in the chin/neck area, which I’m getting excited about.  The pieces are extending beyond the limits of the head which is a new visual element for this series.

Studio View

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