Working at Home

Digital Experiment

I’ve been working every night this week on getting all of the faces reshot, and it feels great.  I feel like I just woke up this week and realized how much better I could have been doing with my photographs and discovered that actually there was a lot more work to be done than I had previously thought.  I like that the photography is something that I can work on at home at night; I don’t have to be in the sculpture studio at Wellesley to be getting things done.  When I was younger I used to really hate working from home because I found it insanely easy to procrastinate and get distracted by doing other things; when I’m in the sculpture studio I have no choice but to focus because there’s literally nothing else to do. At the same time, I sometimes go into a little bit of panic mode in the sculpture studio because I feel like the time I have is so precious and that the time has to be used well.  Working at home now, I can now work at my own leisure because I have plenty of time to do what I need to get done.

I’ve also realized that the photographs that are the most successful are the ones that project the illusion of looking the most like a full three-dimensional head, as opposed to the reliefs that they actually are.  So I”m working hard to “hide” the true nature of their actual sculptural format in the photographs.

Digital Experiment

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