Ready and Eager

Studio View

After all of the photography work that I was able to get accomplished last week, I feel like I’m excited again about this project and ready and eager to work. I have to continually remind myself that when you work on a project over a period of many months and even years, it’s inevitable that you will hit some tough spots where you temporarily lose faith in the work.

Above is a clay face that is nearly finished in terms of the clay modeling that I worked on today, and below is another photograph that I reshot last week. I’m enthusiastic about this particular photograph because my initial photograph of this face was really terrible, and I feel like I’ve now resurrected this face with this new photograph.  Some of the faces I’ve made so far photograph really easily, it’s like if the clay modeling is good you almost can’t go wrong with the photography. Then there are faces that don’t photograph easily, (like the one below) and it takes a lot of tricky experimentation to get the lighting and the form to look just right.

Digital Experiment

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