Ready to Cast

Studio View

I wrapped up the clay modeling on my latest round of three faces yesterday in the studio. I’m feeling pretty good about the results, and I don’t have any “itches” about any of the faces. Sometimes I know a face isn’t working, and I go into denial about it rather than scrapping it and starting anew.  I’m trying really hard not to do that because the casting process is so arduous and expensive that I really don’t want to go through casting something only to realize later that the piece should have been scrapped to begin with.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time going through my old reference photographs.  It turns out that upon further inspection, there are more faces to work from in these photographs than I thought.  Several of the fifty drawings are what I am referring to as “unsculptable”, in that they rely on aspects like hair, the positioning of the pupils, and point of view to carry the image.  With these sculptures, there’s no hair, no pupils, and the point of view is straight on so pieces that are defined by these attributes won’t work well in these sculptures. This is where my old reference photographs come in, to fill in the blanks, creating new expressions that I hadn’t previously used in the fifty drawings.

Studio View

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