First face

Digital Experiment

I have been struggling over the past few days with photographing this face above. This face was the very first face that I sculpted in this series, and so from my point of view it lacks the kind of direction and confidence that I see in the later pieces.  This piece is also significantly larger than the other faces, which are about life size. The part of this face which was the most problematic was how dimensional and large the nose was, largely because this piece was sculpted as a full three-dimensional head, as opposed to as a relief like the other pieces. I took in consideration the profile views, whereas with the reliefs I’m doing now I only consider the front view. For this reason, the nose cast a significantly larger shadow than usual which obscured a lot of the lower section of the face.  I shot and reshot multiple times to make sure that the lower section of the face was at least somewhat illuminated.

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