From below

Digital Experiment

I experimented last night and today with lighting these two faces from below. I’m still on the fence on whether I should “accept” the faces that are lit from below into this series, or whether it’s better to have all of them consistently from above. It’s hard because there is such a fine line between monotony and cohesiveness in a series, and aspects like these can be a tough call.

For now, I’m just making sure that I’m shooting each face from above and from below so that I can keep my options open until I’m ready to make a decision.  I find it’s always better to make too much work and then be able to edit it down later.  That way, I feel like I’ve covered all of my bases and don’t feel like I’ve missed out on any opportunities.  The worst feeling in the world is feeling a sense of regret in your work, that you will never know how things could have worked out because you didn’t take the time to try it out.

Digital Experiment

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