Digital Experiment

I’ve been consistently working every night on the photographs, which is keeping me focused and getting me to feel much more productive.  I’m realizing more and more just how much work it is to get just the right photograph; every time I sit down to review the images, I get an “itch” that there’s something that could be done better.  It may feel easy to press the button on the camera, but I have to shoot so many photographs and sift through so many bad ones that the editing process can be quite time consuming. I’m now on round three of reshoots for several of the pieces. (and on each round, there are probably 4-5 sets of about 20 photographs, thank goodness for digital photography!) This time instead of focusing on lighting from below, I’m working on doing more close ups of the faces.  This way I can get rid of some of the redundant black space in the background, and make the foreheads seem smaller. When I show too much of the forehead it tends to make the faces look bald, which calls too much attention away from the face.

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment

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