Camera Focus

Digital Experiments

I discovered yet another factor that I hadn’t considered before until my husband pointed it out: what part of the face I had the camera focused on. (He has a lot more experience with photography than me, so he’s been lending me a good eye when evaluating the quality of the photographs.)Before I started deliberately thinking about it, I had been focusing on the nose because that’s where the camera happened to be pointing.  Unfortunately, this meant that everything but the tip of the nose was out of focus, so again I had to go through and redo many of the images.  Although it was a ton of work, it paid off because I ended up with the focus in the correct places, and in several cases some much better images than what I had before. After all of this troubleshooting and correcting, I think I’ve finally got my system down for shooting the photographs.

Digital Experiments

Digital Experiments

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