The best news I’ve had in a long time

As a teacher, I have a personal policy that I will never whine in front of my students.  I feel strongly that it’s incredibly unprofessional and inappropriate. That doesn’t mean that I don’t whine, in fact I was having one of my stronger whining fits to my husband a few nights ago about how I felt that my career was becoming alarmingly stagnant and that everything seemed like it had come to a halt this year. That’s when I started working on the blog posts “how to be a good art teacher“, “what I’ve learned so far as a visual artist“, and “how to be a good art student“ which then led to the idea of writing a book. Working on my new book project was a great distraction, and it got me feeling productive and motivated to work again.  And then this afternoon, I check my email and there it is: an artist grant from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.  I guess I’ve lost my license to complain for a while! 

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