It’s going to happen

My ideas for my book have been evolving really well over the past few days. Initially I had seen the book as being just for visual artists, but someone commented on one of my blog posts that the tips were just as applicable to non-visual artists. Opening up the book to target artists in general would exponentially increase my audience.

Perhaps it’s silly, but I’m already actively thinking about how I could publish and market the book as well. I’m envisioning a pocket sized book that is all text, (I don’t want images to distract) that costs about $8, and even less as an ebook.  It’s a book that you could read in one short sitting, and is inexpensive to make it as widely accessibly to as many people as possible, especially students.  I’ll try to do the traditional route and go through a literary agent or directly through a publisher first.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll self-publish the book as I did with my catalog, “Falling” a few months ago. Either way, I’ve decided that it’s going to happen. 

Over the past few days, I’ve also been busy soliciting advice from former students and colleagues on the first draft.  The majority of the colleagues I’ve asked to read the manuscript are art professors, but I’ve also asked a psychology professor, and a music composer, a poet, an actress, and a project manager who works in software to look at it as well. It’s been wonderful connecting again with all of these incredible people, and I’m sure this will lead to some really dynamic conversations that I wouldn’t ordinarily be having.

2 thoughts on “It’s going to happen

  1. It could also reach some readers who have the desire to be an artist (or to draw) but never have the courage to start painting or have time to do it. (RL)

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