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Studio Views

I’m not sleeping much these days because I’m too excited to get back to work. This morning I woke up at 4:45am, couldn’t sleep, and then worked on my book for about 90 minutes in complete silence while the rest of my house was quiet. The feedback from my former students, friends, and colleagues has been trickling in slowly which is so wonderful.   It’s amazing what other people see that you can be so completely oblivious to when looking at your own work. People are really spending a lot of time thinking about the book and writing very long, thoughtful, insightful feedback for me. The positive encouragement I’ve been receiving from everyone is huge for me, as I keep having moments where I question myself, feel self-conscious and feel like I’m not qualified to be writing a book like this.

Eventually I landed in the studio at 9:00am, getting to work right away on these two faces. I was able to complete the one above, and made significant progress on the one below. If things go well tomorrow in the studio I’ll be able to start the casting process on Monday.

I’m working on getting a title for the book too.  I hate titles, but they’re a necessary evil and it’s got me thinking about what the core of the book is really about. For now, I’m calling it “The Artist’s Life: How to be a student, artist, and teacher.” What do you think? Do you have suggestions?

Studio Views

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