Busy & Productive

Studio View

I love being so busy and productive, to me it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world. With the exception of my afternoons, I’ve pretty much been working non-stop.  Sure, my house is going to hell, but for a change, I don’t care. I’m trying to relish how great it feels right now while it lasts.  There’s so much going on in my head right now that I feel incredibly awake, alert and attentive to everything in my work. It’s absolutely wonderful.

This morning I was able to polish up the finishing touches on two faces, which means when I come back on Monday morning I’ll be able to start the casting process. Sometime this month I’m also going to go ahead and have a few of these photographs printed at a professional lab on a large scale.  I’m a little nervous about it, and part of me is anxious about handing off the work to someone else, which I’ve never done before in my process. Before these photographs, it’s all been me, hands on from beginning to end in all of my projects. So the idea of someone else’s hand coming into the process is a little scary.

Studio View


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