Book Reviews


Part of my research for my book has been to read other books that have similar themes to mine. I recently purchased “101 Things to Learn in Art School” by Kit White, and “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp.  Kit White’s book was a disappointment.  The points are all over the place; some are direct, while others are nearly incomprehensible in my opinion.  What does “Understand the implications of the ‘intentional fallacy‘” and “Hybridity defines the art process” mean? He explains the points in short, single paragraphs, but doesn’t offer any practical advice in terms of what kind of concrete actions to take.  The overall tone of the book is very academic, and therefore is not very accessible to a wide audience in my opinion. The illustrations are lackluster and poor, and the book is full of quotes from other people.

Twyla Tharp’s book is fantastic. I’ve only gotten through a few chapters, but I love everything that I’ve read so far.  She talks about her own personal experiences, and has a lovely conversational tone that is accessible and intimate. The personal anecdotes are simple and effective in illustrating her points.  She’s honest and direct about her advice, and provides concrete actions that you can take.

In other news, my book is getting longer and longer. What started as a mere 13 pages has now ballooned to 29. I had envisioned it as a very small book, but that’s now changing as I write more.


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