First Layer of Rubber

Studio View

I got the first layer of rubber on this new round of three faces on this morning. I felt “guilty” because I just wanted to get the rubber process over with as quickly as possible so I could get back to work on my book! I’m glad that I’m so involved in my book, but it’s starting to dominate my brain a little too much. I’m okay with that right now because I’m starting the casting process which is somewhat mindless compared to when I’m actually sculpting the clay.

As the feedback for my book trickles in, it’s been endlessly fascinating for me to see how completely different and contrasted everyone’s feedback is.  I absolutely love reading the comments and have been savoring every comment. One person’s feedback consisted entirely of questions. Another person’s feedback addressed the tone of voice I was setting in the book. A former student supplemented her comments with a number of personal stories from her experience. Then others have helped me tremendously with specific wording and phrases and simplifying the language. I can’t wait to read more!

Studio View

Studio View

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