Studio View

I got to work right away on making the mother molds this morning.  I always get stressed during this stage because there is simply so much to do, and it’s the type of process where you really can’t stop in the middle.  Once you start the process, you have to keep pushing through until you hit the appropriate stopping point.  The good thing is that I’ve cast enough faces in this project that I now have the stages of the casting process down to a science, designed to fit perfectly into two hours sessions.

In other news, I’ve been working on the preparatory work for an upcoming two person exhibition, “Control”, that will be on view during March and April at the Brickbottom Gallery in Somerville.  The other artist featured is Carolyn Marsden, and the exhibition is curated by Maruta Vitols. I’ve also been working with a professional photo lab to get four photographs of these sculptures printed.  I’m really, really nervous about how the photographs will come out. I feel like when I see the photographs finally printed it’s going to be a “do or die” moment.  I’m convinced that the photographs will be either be fantastic or just a huge disappointment.

Studio View

Studio View

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