Plexiglass Options

Studio View

This morning I opened the mother molds, reassembled the molds, and poured the second layer of rubber. I’m getting excited as I only have one more layer of rubber to pour, which means I’ll be casting and photographing the beeswax casts on  Monday. I also did a second cast of an earlier face, as the cast I had before had dropped on the floor and broke.

I’ve been talking to the people at the professional photo lab that is going to be printing my photographs more. Apparently I have a range of options in terms of the different kinds of plexiglass used as backing for the image.  The image itself will be printed on clear film, and that will then be adhered to a sheet of plexiglass.  They have clear, frosted, and non-glare plexiglass. My plan is to have some small pieces, about 11″ x 14″ printed with each of these different plexiglass surfaces.  Then I can look at all three options and decide what looks best.

I’m a little bummed about the eventual scale of these images.  It’s looking like the final images will be no larger than about 24″ x 36″ which is too bad because I had envisioned them to be more like 3′ x 4′. The resolution of the images just isn’t high enough to print an image at 3′ x 4′ without losing image quality. Who knows though, this is all speculation that’s occurring in my head right now, and until I see concrete results I’m going to reserve judgment.

Studio View

Studio View

Studio View

Studio View

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