Square One

Studio View

Today in the studio I was back to square one, working on the clay modeling of another round of three new faces.  I wasn’t feeling great in the studio today.  I worked quickly so I could get two faces started, but it wasn’t with the kind of zeal and excitement that I’ve been working with over the past few weeks.  I figured at some point I would have to come down from the creative high I’ve been on recently. I’m the type of person who, when things are going well, is always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Well, today was the day the shoe dropped.

Studio View

One thought on “Square One

  1. i always look at it this way, i get as much done on the obsession as possible and when i find i am just going through the motions i finish up and go on to the next step. i find with me going through the motions just results in souless work , looks okay but that is it, okay.
    it took me a bit of time to realize that there is always a next step and i would not have been able to get there without each ‘obsession’ fueling the way. some things i return to with added depth and fullness, some are just let go.
    i always feel a letdown when the spark is gone , allow myself to miss a bit and figure out the next bit.
    i believe that is part of what separates the professional from the amateur , knowing that it is all a learning , growing process and to use it.

    c l bigelow

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