Studio View

I did the finishing touches on these two faces this morning. One of the biggest challenges I think for a lot of artists is knowing just when to stop.  For a change, I’ve found that with these sculptures it’s actually quite clear when to stop: once I start “picking” at the piece with my sculpture tool and I’m not making any major changes. When I’m essentially just buffing the surface rather than addressing the form is when I need to stop.

After working feverishly on my book for about 2 weeks, I’m taking a little break. I got tons of feedback from people that I’ve implemented into my most recent draft, and now it’s time for me to step away and get some distance from the work.  After reviewing it over and over and over again, everything starts to sound the same to me. This way when I’m ready to get to work on it again I’ll read it with a fresh mind and be able to evaluate things more clearly and objectively. I also don’t believe in making myself work on something when I’m not completely motivated, which is why I always have multiple projects going on at once that I can bounce back and forth between the projects.  It’s one of the reasons why I sculpt three faces at a time, it alleviates the pressure off of a single piece and keeps my mind active.

Studio View

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