Studio View

I spent the first half hour of today’s morning session picking away at these three faces with my favorite sculpture tool. I don’t think the sculpture actually gets that much better with my picking, but it’s important for me as the “final sweep” of the sculpting process to feel that things are truly ready for casting. Once you start the casting process there’s no turning back, so I like to feel mentally sure.

Sometimes part of me feels “guilty” that the sculpting process doesn’t actually take me that long. Sculpting each face in clay takes about 3 hours.  I began these three faces on Monday, and I’m ready to cast today. Part of me feels like the sculpting should take longer. Then I have to remind myself that the sculpting of the clay is just one small part of a very involved process.  I also know that I work better when I can produce a prodigious volume of work, which is why I assigned myself 50 sculptures.


One thought on “Picking

  1. i think we are all guilty of the ‘guilts’ when something we have created numerous times in the past does not initially take a large chink of time. you are correct that the creation is just the beginning .
    as a dear painter friend of mine says when asked ‘how long’ a painting takes her, she replies 35 years (as the years go by so does the amount). she ( i thought about and now do too) counts the years of study and honing her craft and skill set.
    our work of the moment is just the pinnacle of years of hard grunt work and practice.
    all artists need to let go of the ‘guilts’ . just because we have become more proficient does not make the work any less meaningful , just means we have gotten better.
    i like your word picking, it goes beyond cleaning /checking final project to a last hands on, very apt.

    cl bigelow

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