Studio View

I finally got around to casting four faces this morning, which felt terrific. One aspect of the wax that I was admiring today was actually some of the imperfections of the cast.  Normally, these imperfections would be seen as mistakes in a cast, but I think they’re beautiful and interesting.  I like seeing the textured surfaces and the minor discolorations in the wax. I’ve always been drawn to things that are considered to be flawed.  To me, the flaws are what give an object a natural character.  When things are too polished and perfect for me I actually find it unsettling and artificial looking.

In other news, the draft for my book is nearly finished, and I’ll be sending it off to my editor very soon. I’m excited to polish it up and get it out there to literary agents and publishers.

One thought on “Imperfections

  1. I’m curious what one of these “imperfections” look like (e.g. the textured surface). Can you show a close-up shot of one?

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