A Productive Night

Digital Experiment

I had a really productive night yesterday, shooting photographs for four faces.  It’s always interesting how different the photography process is with each face.  With some of the faces, I nail the image I want in the first round of photographs, whereas with others I do round after round before getting the results I want.

I’m also realizing today that I’m much further along with this project than I had initially thought.  With the completion of these four pieces, I’ve now finished 31 sculptures total, which makes me more than halfway through my goal of 50 sculptures. I’ll actually have to make more than 50 sculptures so I can redo a few pieces that I’m not happy with.  For my series of 50 drawings, I made about 65 pieces because I had to redo several pieces.

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment

2 thoughts on “A Productive Night

  1. I think you should complete an entire bust in the future and create a lost wax mold for it. Then gain access to a glass casting facility. I could see there being a whole new dimensionality to these light portraits with the internal aspects of the mold. Bubbles, cracks etc. Just a thought : )

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