Starting from Scratch


I’ve been working with the printer making lambda prints of my digital images of my sculptures. After two rounds of tests, it’s become clear to me that the lambda prints aren’t the right format for this work. The test prints are incredibly beautiful, but unfortunately for the image to be fully visible you need a lightbox behind the print.   The printer is going to try another kind of print for me, but this experience got me thinking that perhaps I should just scrap this idea of digital prints and try a completely different format for these images.

I have an obsession with translucency, which is why the lambda prints were so attractive to begin with. I started thinking about making a video that would be played on a screen, but I don’t like the way screens look because they’re so heavy and clunky looking. Then the idea of projection occurred to me, and my husband mentioned the idea of using a scrim.  I’ve never heard of a scrim before, but apparently it’s a fabric used in theater production for projection that is translucent. After some research, I stumbled upon this image above of a Bill Viola piece that features a series of nine scrims with projections on it.  I got really excited when I saw this, as it has the kind of ethereal quality and the translucency that I’m looking for. The scrims are so haunting and beautiful in this piece, and there’s a kind of glow in the projection that is really wonderful.  The other huge advantage with projection is that I can easily make the image very large.  It’s going to take a ton of research, as I have absolutely zero experience with scrim and projection, and I’ll have to track down people with the appropriate expertise, but it could be totally worth it.


2 thoughts on “Starting from Scratch

  1. HI Clara,
    Good luck finding the right weight scrim – I have been searching for a particular scrim for years – but also look at silk (parachute type) because it is really light weight with a beautiful fall and I think give a much more ethereal quality – sounds like a great solution.

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