Resin Casts

Studio View

I was back in the studio today working on pouring resin casts. I’m using Smooth-on’s Smooth-Cast 300, which is a bright white resin.   I was using it a lot many years ago when I created casts for a colleague of mine, so I didn’t need to do much troubleshooting with the material this time around.  Despite my experience, I always get stressed about casting resin; this particular kind of resin cures incredibly fast (3 minutes!) so you have to work quickly but accurately.  The fast curing time was actually a big advantage this time around; I embedded an aluminum wire into the back of the sculpture by holding the wire in place until the resin cured.

I remembered from my past experience that these casts yellow over time, so I experimented today with spraying them with Plasti-kote Sandable Primer, which is what the Smooth-on company recommends for this resin. Very soon these pieces will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

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