Resin Process Studies

I’ve been thinking about and comparing the beeswax and resin casts for the past day. The resin casts are significantly more accurate and pick up so much more detail from the silicone mold. The detail that the resin casts show in the modeling is really quite startling, you can see every single stroke of a tool down to my fingerprints in the form.

Resin Process Studies

In some ways though, I like the fact that the beeswax casts don’t pick up so much detail. The beeswax hides a lot of the minute details that are so much more apparent in the resin. The bright white and opaqueness of the resin makes all of the modeling marks that much more noticeable compared to the beeswax which is translucent and colored. Looking at the two materials, which do you like better?

In other news, these resin casts are now available for purchase in my Etsy shop, visit today!

Process Piece




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