While I anxiously wait for a response to the manuscript for my book, I’ve been obsessively ruminating over how to build what I jokingly refer to as my “empire”.  (although, there is truth in jest!) I’m someone who has way too much energy, and lately it seems like I’ve been having trouble controlling it, so I’m trying to channel that energy to help fabricate an online presence that will eventually help launch my book. So last night and today I’ve been checking up on and updating the various social networking and online portfolio sites where I have my work.  You can now find me on these sites:

Main website
Google +
RISD Portfolios/Behance
Saatchi Online
The Drawing Center Viewing Program
Irving Sandler Artist’s File

Obsessive?  Probably, but I’m compulsive that way and can’t help myself but jump on every single opportunity there is to put myself out there. To me anything that I don’t tap into is a missed opportunity, an audience I’m not reaching. I’ve also been wracking my brain for other ways to direct traffic and attention to my work. I just started my advice column for visual artists, “Ask the Professor” this week. One idea a former student suggested to me was creating a series of videos, discussing various artist topics. I already have this 20 minute documentary video about my work, but I’m thinking about something that is quicker and appears on a regular basis. I imagine they would be very short, perhaps just a few minutes that offer short, succinct ideas and pieces of advice. I have to think about it some more, as I don’t want to get involved with any endeavor unless I know it can be 100%.

What do you think?  Would you like to see a series of short videos from me?

One thought on “Networking

  1. Like explaining on a certain artist’s style of work, or on something like a period of collective artists work, say “impressionist” to explain in a way that even non artist would understand.

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