Studio View

This face that I was working on today (see above) is actually a redo of a face that I did a long time ago. Looking at the older piece (see below), it looks so incredibly clumsy, out of proportion, and stiff to me. This was one of the earliest faces in this series, when I was still troubleshooting a lot of aspects of the project, hadn’t quite solidified the kind of modeling style that I was looking for, and was still trying out plastilene as a clay option.  No matter how experienced you are, there’s always a learning curve in every project that you do, which is why I lately I’ve been re-doing pieces in my projects.  I never used to do this before, but when you have such a high volume of pieces (in my case, 50) eventually the initial pieces start to look really out of place within the context of the project.

Studio View

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