A Niche

Studio View

I finished up the clay modeling on this second face this morning, which means that it’s likely I’ll be able to start pouring the rubber tomorrow morning. I’m glad to get back into the casting and get myself moving in the process faster. I took a hiatus that was a little too long before this latest round of faces and have been feeling a little disconnected from the work. I felt like I was losing my momentum and excitement for the project, which I know is inevitable for any large project, but that doesn’t make that any less difficult to deal with. Although casting can be quite mindless, I always feel very productive when I’m casting, so I’m glad to start that process soon.

In other news, I’m continuing to work on building my online presence on a daily basis, in fact, I’ve become a little addicted. (in a good way) Deviant Art and Tumblr have been surprisingly useful in terms of gauging whether there is a niche for my book and my advice column, “Ask the Art Professor.”  After many hours researching and checking out what’s out there, my conclusion is that yes, there absolutely is a niche for these two projects. From what I’ve read online, there seems to be many, many artists out there who are struggling and in need of advice and help.

Artists (including myself) have so many issues they have to wrestle with.  Some of these issues can be very tough and emotionally draining. I’ve always joked that one should get a degree in psychiatry when you get your MFA degree in order to teach, because being an artist can be so mentally challenging at times.  But there is truth in jest.  In my opinion, there’s a real need for someone to provide some kind of guidance that is accessible to everyone, not just students who are enrolled in degree programs.  I’m hoping that someone is me. Now the challenge for me is to get the word out to everyone that I’m here.


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