Revisiting old work

Studio View

I decided to hold off on pouring the rubber this morning, and to give these three faces another final pass in terms of solidifying the details. Every time I come back to a piece, there’s almost always something I see that I didn’t see the day before, so it’s nice to be able to look at a work with new eyes.

I’ve been revisiting a lot of my old works lately.  I always have one of two reactions: 1) wishing I could just do it all over again, but way better or 2) thinking that the work actually wasn’t so bad after all. Lately I’ve been thinking the latter, and that there are subjects that I think I may want to return to eventually. Initially when I started working on Falling, I had thought about the project in terms of the figure, but that quickly disappeared once I started the 50 portrait drawings and 50 portrait sculptures. Knowing that I only have 13 sculptures left to go in this current series, I’m already starting to brainstorm what I may want to do next. I know that I’m not done with this subject matter, and I’m thinking that I may want to give these figure drawings another chance.  After working exclusively with the face for so long,  the idea of figurative pieces seems really refreshing and attractive to me.

Falling Study


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