I’ve recently had a wonderful revelation: I enjoy writing.  I have never thought about myself as a writer, and yet it seems lately that writing is a critical part of my creative process. Writing and blogging has become so thoroughly integrated into my art that I now can’t imagine making my art without writing about it.

I initially started my “Ask the Art Professor” column to keep myself occupied while I nervously wait to hear back from the literary agent who requested my manuscript.  I’ve been reading online about suggestions to writers who are waiting to hear back from agents.  One piece of advice that I stumbled across was to keep writing while you wait, and to even write another book. I think this advice column could be that book.

I’ve become so devoted to the column and my blog recently that I’ve been clearing out a solid three hours at night to focus exclusively on writing. (those of you who know what my schedule is like will also know what a miracle that is)  I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed writing the articles, and I’ve have many people write really thoughtful comments for each article.  The questions I’ve been getting have been really challenging me, getting me to think about how to present complicated topics in a manner that will be clear and accessible.  It sounds nerdy, but I love explaining things.   Visual artists are famous for being closed off about their lives and creative process, so my hope is that I can provide a glimpse of that world to a wider audience through my column and my blog.

Are you a visual artist who writes? What does writing do for you?

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