Final Crit

One of my friends once declared to me “you never do anything halfway, do you?” Yes, it’s true, I can’t seem to ever leave things alone once I get started.   I have a compulsion to think bigger and more ambitious with every new initiative that I take. So I’m not surprised that I’ve started to brainstorm how I can go bigger with my advice column, “Ask the Art Professor“.  I am so grateful for those of you who follow me, (especially those of you who have been with me since the beginning!) and I’d like the chance to dramatically expand that audience.

You see advice columns all the time for topics on parenting, finances, love, etc. but I have yet to see anything like my column so far online. A Google search came up with nothing. I think there’s a real need for a column like this. Let’s face it, artists have so many problems and issues.  I’ve been reading through the forums on Deviant Art to research this, and it’s astounding to me how hungry so many artists are for any shred of decent guidance. If you’re currently in a degree program for visual art, you’re surrounded by seasoned professionals who you can ask for guidance, but what if you don’t have that?  From browsing on Deviant Art, there seems to be an incredible population of self-taught artists, high school age artists, recent graduates, even working professionals etc. who are in need of this kind of resource.

What do you think?   Do you think that there is a larger audience for a column like this? Do I take the plunge and try to get my column into a larger publication? Do you have suggestions for specific publications to contact?

3 thoughts on “Ambitions

  1. Hi Clara
    I’m hoping will count as a “larger publication” (see audience info) as it’d be fabulous to be able to publish advice from you on the pages rather than only linking to it from the blog (example. All content is also promoted in my weekly newsletter and Facebook, Twitter (where I have 4,700 followers).

  2. i already recommend your blog to my students . they are fairly representational of the average art student, they are pleasantly surprised to read the challenges of the professional artist (what do i know ) .
    yes there is a wider market for nuts and bolts, always, if for no other reason to point out we are not alone in our quest for perfection.

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