Inner Questioning

Studio View

I’m in a deep funk today.  I’m taking this rejection very hard, which is unusual for me.  I know everything that I’m “supposed” to do in this situation, (get over it, move on, and work harder) but I’m having a tough time actually following through on those directives.  The part of this process that I hate is the inner questioning that starts to fester in your brain. When you get rejected like this you start wondering whether you were crazy to believe that the work was any good in the first place.

I’m frustrated with myself for letting this particular rejection get to me as much as it has, and I’m having trouble staying focused. The only option that I have is to keep making my work, so I forced myself to start these two clay faces this morning irregardless of how I was feeling.

Studio View


2 thoughts on “Inner Questioning

  1. allow yourself a funk for a bit, question some, then work…….sounds like that is what you are doing.
    that said it does not do to allow the publisher’s rejection negate the validity of your work ….pffffttttt….
    i love what tad spugeon did for his book. nothing fancy just the information on heavy paper bound in spiral. awesome and so useful in a studio. very low key. you email /pay him, the book arrives a bit later. no fuss no hassle.

  2. Continue to work through it as you are. Also, pull out your portfolio and admire all the success you have and had. Not only your work but tv spots, interviews, press, praise…I know I would have never stumbled upon you were it not for public tele.

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