“What are you waiting for? Make it now!”

Studio View

I’ve been quite productive over the past week, despite the mental setback I had with my manuscript rejection. Actually, I’m surprised that I recovered quite quickly from the rejection.  Instead, I’m trying to focus intensively on getting the last faces in this series finished.  This is one of the reasons why I’m so glad that I always have multiple projects going on at the same time.  If something isn’t going well with one project, I can always easily divert my attention and energy to another.

Lately I’ve been feeling a sense of urgency with my book.  Perhaps it’s impatience, perhaps it’s ambition, (most likely it’s a little bit of both) but I keep having this feeling that if I don’t self-publish now, it will never happen. I guess part of me worries that my enthusiasm for the book might die down at some point, so I want to strike while the iron is hot.  The boxes that my silicone rubber comes in have the words “What are you waiting for?  Make it now!” written on them.  I see these boxes everyday, and every time I see them I feel that urgency.

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment

Digital Experiment


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