50 sculptures: finished!


After a frenzy of activity in the studio over the past two weeks, I officially finished my 50 sculptures series! Everyone always talks about feeling such a sense of accomplishment when finishing a big project, but for me I’m usually so wiped out from making the work that it’s more a sense of relief than it is anything else. I’m sure I’ll have more to reflect upon in the coming weeks, but I have to say that this was one of the tougher series that I’ve worked on in a while.  Not only was it technically challenging to make this many sculptures with all of the modeling and casting that was involved, but I struggled immensely at the very beginning of this project in a way that I never have before.  I went through the worst creative crisis in my career when I was conceptualizing this series, and had to wade through more failed attempts than I like to admit.

I still have yet to figure out precisely what the final physical format of these images will be when I present them in a gallery context.  For now though, the sculpting aspect of the project is complete, and I’ll take my time troubleshooting their final format in the coming months. I have two solo shows booked for the fall of 2014 at the Sarah Doyle Gallery at Brown University and at the Mazmanian Gallery at Framingham State College, so those two shows will likely feature this series of sculptures.


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