Illustration Rejects


These illustrations for my book are proving to be very tricky.  Some seem to nearly draw themselves, (such as the sandwich seen above) while others have required a lot more troubleshooting. While I work on the final illustrations, I find myself second guessing my ideas all the time. I’m making spur of the moment changes all of the time in the imagery for this reason, which I think for the most part is a good thing.

I have already rejected numerous final illustrations because I didn’t like the way that they were working conceptually. Others have been rejected because I felt that the technical execution wasn’t as solid as I wanted it to be. This illustration of an ambulance below is one of my recent rejects; the perspective on it is not quite right, and therefore compromises the image.


Some of the illustrations get rejected because they don’t seem to have enough visual presence. I really like the idea of a potato chip illustration because it fits the text well, but when I sat down to draw it, the potato chip just wasn’t able to hold the space on its own. (see image below)


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2 thoughts on “Illustration Rejects

  1. It’s very courageous of you to reveal your failures rather than your successes. Still, these are far better than many of my attempts at drawing.

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