I feel completely consumed by these illustrations for my book right now. All I think about is the illustrations and I’m spending every possible waking moment working on them.   For this reason, I’m taking a short breather from my “Ask the Art Professor” column and “Crit Wall“, my online critique program. I am definitely one who believes in striking while the iron is hot.  As of today, I’ve finished 31 out of the 60 illustrations that I need to complete.

The illustrations are getting much tougher and more challenging at this point. I took care of the most straightforward illustrations first because I wanted to immerse myself into the project quickly.  I knew that if I tried to tackle the most difficult illustrations first that I wouldn’t have been as productive initially.  Now that most of those beginning illustrations are finished, it’s on to the concepts that are much more abstract and more challenging to visualize.  Right now I’m wracking my brain for ways to visually represent concepts like consistency, predictability, objectivity, diversity, as well as others.  

You’ll get to see lots of rejected illustrations here on my blog. The latest reject from today is this illustration of a mailbox. Like the ambulance illustration I rejected the other day,  this image has some perspective issues and I wasn’t happy with the cross-hatching either.  As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m being careful not to reveal too much of the final, approved illustrations.  I want the majority of the illustrations to be a surprise when people buy the book!

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