I was working on an illustration of a gallon of the milk earlier this week.  It’s interesting to me that something as simple as a gallon of milk still requires a good quality reference photo. I’ve been using Google Image search for the majority of my reference photos for these illustrations, so I lazily used a photo of a gallon of milk from a Google search. You would think that from the thousands of photographs of milk online that this would work out. This illustration below was what came out of it, and it was no good; the cross-hatching isn’t well done, the lighting doesn’t make sense, and the cap is too large in relation to the rest of the jug.


So I went ahead and shot a photograph of a gallon of milk myself, with the lighting and point of view that I was looking for.


Below is the final illustration, which I think was a huge improvement from my initial illustration. The lazy way out never works!



2 thoughts on “Milk

  1. With what appears to be a simple sketch, I often think…”throw away”. But, really if time and energy is going to be used, do it well, right? Excellent advice. Thanks for sharing.

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