I’m getting very close to completing the illustrations, and my husband has finished the first pass of the layout with the text. This point in the project brings conflicting feelings that I’m having trouble reconciling. On one hand, it’s thrilling to see the layout with the text in place, it makes everything feel more “real”. This sounds silly, but seeing the text in the layout makes the writing seem more meaningful and polished as I read it. At the same time, I’m developing serious doubts about what I’m about to put out there with my name on it. I have all sorts of irrational, negative thoughts going through my head right now. What if the writing and content isn’t as interesting as I think it is?  What if I sell 10 copies and that’s the end of it? What if people think I’m stupid? (yes, that thought truly goes through my head) I think these kinds of feelings are inevitable when you’re on the verge of releasing a big project, but it still doesn’t make it easier to deal with.


3 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. well to give you perspective-
    the writing and content will not be as interesting as you think it is …to some …and? not your problem, not your target market. you sell 10 copies ….10 more than if you had not put it out ( i seriously doubt only 10 will sell a couple more surely). last but not least people think you are stupid ? again…so…? you are a teacher and have a family … not a new feeling for anyone with those credentials………………what do you think? what do you have to say? say it. if you do not there will always be a ‘if only’……..

    congratulations on being in the home stretch, polish, but stop second guessing 😉 i bet that is what people close to you are saying.


  2. You just have to go ahead and do it. Trust yourself! If it does not sell more than you expected, so what?! What is important is you have done it.

  3. You are not stupid, you are brilliant. All the students who had you as teacher have only praises about you. You will be selling your book over a long-term period. I think you will sell at least 30 copies within 5 years.

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