Patrick Earl Hammie’s studio

I’m slowly starting to brainstorm different ideas for potential covers for my book. I’m pretty nervous about selecting the right layout and image for the cover.  Let’s face it, we ALL judge books by their covers.

One thought I had was to have a photograph of an artist’s palette. Since my book is very much about creative realities and practicalities, it made sense to me to visually depict the messy side of being an artist. I thought of a palette because it’s the quintessential image that many people associate with visual art. Since I don’t paint anymore, I asked several of my colleagues who are oil painters to send me photographs from their studios. I don’t know what will come of it, but it’s possible that I might find something that works.


The first artist to get back to me was Patrick Earl Hammie, a wonderful artist who I met back in 2009.  I was the gallery director of the Jewett Gallery at Wellesley College at the time, and I helped to organize Patrick’s solo exhibition, “Equivalent Exchange” at the gallery when he was the Alice C. Cole Fellowship recipient. You can also read this interview I did with Patrick for my “Thursday Spotlight” interview series.


Patrick generously sent me numerous photographs of his studio space, and these ones that you see in this post are the ones that fit what I’m looking for in a book cover.  Out of these three photographs, my favorite is this one above.  The point of view on the palette is really great, and I like that there are paint tubes and a brush as well.


Below is Patrick working in his studio with one of his paintings in the background.  You can read more about him on his website, or on his Facebook page.



One thought on “Patrick Earl Hammie’s studio

  1. My understanding of your book is that it is not primarily about painting and to me a cover depicting a palette – suggests painting. Your drawings are so powerful why not use one of those as drawing is such a good basis, and an end in itself for many art/creative pursuits.

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