60 Illustrations complete!

Tonight I finished up all 60 illustrations for my book!  These illustrations definitely challenged me conceptually and technically, and I’m really glad that I assigned this task to myself. Initially I had briefly entertained the idea of hiring a professional illustrator to do the illustrations for me.  I made so many changes in the concepts behind the illustrations that I think I would have been a nightmare to work with! On top of that, it would have been crazy expensive to hire someone, and probably would have taken four times longer.

I drew everything from a butter knife, a shrimp, a gavel, a cafeteria tray, the leaning tower of Pisa, a cup of coffee, the Venus of Willendorf, and a group of sharks. I’m very pleased with the wide range of images, I think it will make each forthcoming illustration a surprise as readers go through the book.


The Venus of Willendorf


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