Cover solution

Today I got some really terrific feedback from people online about the two covers that I was debating between. The vast majority of people who responded overwhelmingly reacted to the cover with the photograph. (see above right) Although deep down I like the sprout better, I’ve decided to go with the cover with the photograph. The reason I’ve made this decision is because I know that if I went with the sprout that I would be doing it only to please myself.  I need to do what’s best for the project, not what will please me personally.

I’m not completely letting go of the sprout;  it will appear on the title page, which I think is the next best thing.

The photograph above right was from a free stock photo we found online. Although I technically have the rights to use it, I decided that I wanted to shoot my own photograph.   I know it sounds silly, but I feel weird that the first photograph isn’t of my own tools. I like that I know every single tool in the new photographs and that I have a special relationship with each and every tool. My butter knife that I’ve bent too many times is in there, as are my favorite wired loop tools that I discovered in graduate school.  No one will see these details or understand the stories behind each tool, but to me it’s a personal connection I have to the photograph that is important to me.

_MG_9117 (2)


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