Book Proof!


My hard copy proof of my book arrived!  Nothing can describe what it feels like to open the package and hold your book in your very own hands. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment all week, it’s a relief to see that everything worked out fine. Now the next step is to officially approve my book proof and get the book up on Amazon and Kindle!


3 thoughts on “Book Proof!

    I am so happy for you to have settled on the book cover choice and have the sprout on the title page.
    It was not a surprise that you don’t want to let go of the beautiful and delicate sprout, since it would be my preference, too. I can imagine myself browse through the book (with sprout cover,) hold it carefully, and make sure not to get it dirty.
    With the photograph cover, however, the image is straightforward, functional (and maybe less fragile) and simply inviting—it makes you want to get hands dirty, do more arts, make some mistakes, experiment with them, and have some fun! I’ll probably carry it around, read it, chew on the ideas, and put it aside (not worrying about getting it dirty) whenevrer my hands are reaching for pens or brushes…
    Thank you for sharing all these important experiences and processes. I’ve found them very inspiring and encouraging!

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