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Figure Study

With my book proof approved, and 200 copies on their way, I’m now in the waiting period.  I have a whole publicity strategy ready to go, but I can’t do any of it until I get the 200 copies. I hate waiting for things, so I decided to start finding other ways to occupy my mind while I wait.

So after a fairly long hiatus, I’m back to working on studies for the final 50 figure drawings in “Falling“. These are small studies, only 8″ x 10” on charcoal paper, done with lithographic rubbing ink and lithographic crayon. Mostly I’m just experimenting and playing around with these sketches, and troubleshooting different ways of working. It’s very liberating to work so gesturally and messily after making those 60 pen and ink illustrations for my book which were so tightly detailed by comparison.

Figure Study

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