Book Reviews


Reviews of my book are starting to trickle in on Amazon.  It’s very refreshing to hear new perspectives, and many reviewers have made points that I would never have been able to come up with on my own.  Below are some excerpts.  You can read all of the reviews in their entirety here.

“This book is really a great collection of key lessons that will help anyone become more successful in life and their chosen profession.”

“The wisdom in this book would take art students and new artists years to accumulate…”

“A definite must-have for any prospective or on-coming art students curious about what to expect, the practical advice provided here ultimately pertains to anyone at any level in a creative career.”

“…reading this book reminded me of a lot of things I love about making and provided an extra boost of positive energy. After finishing, I felt prompted to reflect on how I could become even more productive and inspired to push myself harder.”

“Brief, warm and very readable, I recommend this to anyone, not just artists, for whom life and career mean nearly the same thing.”

“It strips away any confusing rhetoric about the artistic process and exposes the bare bones of how to approach your own work in a creative and productive way. In doing so, the seemingly gargantuan task of beginning to create art is broken down into smaller digestible steps- many of which include embracing any “failures” along the way, it’s all part of the process.”


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