Get my book on Kindle!

Get your copy  of “Learn, Create, and Teach: A Guide to Building a Creative Life” on Kindle today! Purchase the ebook here.

Whether you are a student, professional, or teacher of the arts, this book delivers succinct, practical, and candid advice that addresses both common concerns in the creative path and the real-life challenges an artist faces in the real world.

Breaking down the creative arc into “student,” “professional,” and “teacher” reinforces that we all have something to learn, to create, and to teach. Addressing universal problems, fears, and roadblocks faced by artists, this book offers solutions, hope, and motivation.

Those starting their art career will value the tips and strategies for becoming known (“Be able to sum up your work in a single sentence.”) as well as staying motivated (“Never ever stop making your art.”). Teachers will gain insights from not only my experiences but also the perspectives of my colleagues, mentors, and students. This easy-to-digest volume has advice that can be readily put into practice by anyone.


One thought on “Get my book on Kindle!

  1. Reblogged this on Baaps and commented:
    I have followed this lady on her blog, Clara Lieu for quite some time. She has offered excellent advice for artist/photographers and has more recently self-published her own book offering more great advice for the artist,creative and just about anybody looking to lead a “creative” life. I’m reblogging this post so that the word could be spreaded about her book…every person counts : ) Have a lovely day everybody!

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