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This past weekend I went down to Providence to visit one of my artist friends who also went to RISD. She just recently got space in a studio in Pawtucket. She has a little cubicle that she shares with someone else, and then there is a really big open, communal space where many of the artists work. It’s great because she only has to pay for the little cubicle which is very affordable, and she gets to be a part of a lively artist community. 

I got really excited talking to her about her space and how it’s transformed her artistic life. She’s recently had a huge creative surge, and the studio space was a big part of that. Taking inspiration from her, I’m now embarking on a search for a studio. I was trying to tell myself that I could make do with my garage for the time being, but the fact of the matter is that that is not a long term solution. There are just too many distractions at home, and I’m having trouble focusing on my studio practice. I enjoy writing and blogging when I’m at home, but the studio practice just isn’t happening right now.  The bottom line is if I want to be able to make my upcoming 6′ x 4′ figure drawings, I will have to have a professional studio.

It’s exciting but a little scary at the same time. I’ve never had a studio before, and the thought of having a real space to myself is thrilling. Naturally, the tough part is the financial commitment that having a studio requires, and that of course is going to complicate my search. The other aspect of the search is that I want to find a studio that is part of an already established artist community. This way I’ll get to connect with other professional artists and participate in open studios events as well.  My dream is to have a studio at the Waltham Mills Artists Association, because it’s close to where I live, and because I already have friends who have studios there. 


2 thoughts on “Studio search

  1. Hello Clara, I just wanted to update you on a recent comment on my page about your book. A blogger named Dennis said, ” I just came across your book, “Learn, Create, and Teach: A Guide to Building a Creative Life”. It looks fascinating and just what I was looking for. I plan to order it soon.”. He thought it was my book but I referred him to your blog and informed him that it was your book. I am so excited to see all the success of your book. I hope he’ll visit your blog : ). Have a lovely day!

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