Mixed emotions

I found a possible studio space through a friend of a friend. It’s a sublet, so I wouldn’t have to commit to a lease which I kind of like the idea of.  It’s 400 square feet, and is in the Waltham Mills Artist Association, my dream location for a studio. I still have yet to see the space in person and work out the logistics, but it’s there, and I’m seriously thinking about it.

The issue I’m grappling with is that it’s a bit of a financial stretch for me.  I’m experiencing a whole range of emotions: part of me is completely and utterly thrilled at the thought of having my first professional studio so close to home, but the other part of me has a fear that I’ll become one of those artists who spends all of their time working to pay for a studio that they never get to use. However, the greatest concern I’m feeling is that if I don’t take this studio that I will stop making my artwork entirely, which is way more frightening than anything else right now.

It will be a risk, that’s for sure, which is what makes me think I should do it.  What do I do, do I take the plunge?


2 thoughts on “Mixed emotions

  1. TAKE IT!!!!!! You’ve invested too much to let it go, things have a way of showing up when there supposed to!

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