Lately it seems like all I want to do is write and think.  Searching for a studio space has been consuming my thoughts all day.  I’m having a tough time wanting to start up anything major with my artwork until I find a work space. I know that I shouldn’t be waiting around, as it will likely take time before I find something. (still waiting on that space I mentioned a few posts back) I hate to admit it, but I feel paralyzed right now by my lack of studio space. This was one transition that I didn’t think was going to affect me so much.

I thought initially that I was going to want to just work on sketches for a long time, so working at home seemed like it would be okay.   Actually, all I can feel right now is a strong itch to dive into the 7′ x 4′ drawings. I’m tired of the sketches. I’m yearning to draw something that is more refined, focused, detailed, and finished.

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