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Lucky is the student who gets Clara Lieu as their teacher. Currently she’s an adjunct professor in the Freshman Foundation Program at Rhode Island School of Design. How do I know how good she is? I teach Sophomores at RISD, and one question I always ask my students in conferences is who they’ve had as influential teachers, to which all of Clara’s ex-students reply, “I was lucky. I had Clara Lieu.”  She’s a passionate, no-nonsense, wise and informed teacher, not unlike how she behaved as my student, years ago. Teachers, too can be lucky to have her in their class.

Now all of us can have Clara Lieu as their teacher, because she’s put many of her lessons for students, artists and teachers in a book called Learn, Create and Teach: A Guide to Building a Creative Life


Here’s a taste, from the section which gives advice to  students:


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