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I don’t know how, but the ideas for my next book came together incredibly fast last night. One of the ways I like to brainstorm is to figure out what I don’t want to do. I realized that I don’t want to write a textbook, as there are already plenty of books out there that already serve that purpose.  I don’t want to tell people what vine charcoal is, or how to position their easel. What I do want to talk about is thoughts, and the thinking process that occurs when making a drawing. I think too often instructional drawing books are focused solely on what the hand is doing, and don’t address the mental hurdles that an artist goes through.

With a working title of “Drawing Thoughts”, the book will talk about the mindset of drawing through each stage of development. I’m interested in how the artist’s mindset shifts and changes as their drawing progresses, how their thoughts are different at the beginning, the middle, and the end. What are the emotional and intellectual challenges that an artist faces as they work on their drawing?  What are strategies that can be employed to face these challenges?

5 thoughts on “Book Ideas

  1. Great idea. It’s common to hear artist use dirivative phrases concerning there inability or refusal to explain their work. To some degree, I completely understand this and the meaning is relative to the viewer. But sometimes, I’m just interested in the jumping off point. I don’t need to know every detail but something as simple as ‘ I wanted to attempt ……’ or I was drinking a cup of coffee and thought….’ or ” I wanted to see if it was possible to express… a physical form”. Along with the typical technical thoughts of making ‘this’ a focal point or ‘that’ receed etc etc… So I for one am very excited.

  2. I suppose once one begins to blog, they understand that they must accept very direct and sometimes blunt comments with good humor and believe that they are truly intended to be useful. Please forgive if I am too blunt; however, I am truly interested in your project and see its need in the arts community.

    The working title you have chosen sounds like an “academic vanity book”. I know that is not what you intend. I would suggest “Drawing–Think it Through”, or “Thinking–the Key to Successful Drawing”, or______. The students in your classes would probably have better suggestions for a more relevant title.

    I love the focus of the book. The academics of drawing are peach pie compared to a thoughtful, artful drawing. The transition between the academic and art is very difficult, and I have never seen it addressed before. I can only note that many successful painters stop drawing because they never conquer that transition. They draw just enough to paint, not well enough to stand as a beautiful artful drawing. In my opinion a beautiful drawing is just as wonderful as a beautiful painting, and deserves the same attention.

    Thank you for allowing your readers to follow and comment on this wonderful project.


  3. A friend recommended your book and I really enjoyed it but I was fascinated by the earlier blog entries about you series Wading. I think those are what you are talking about-the artist thoughts about the work. I agree there are way too few books of that sort.

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